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The simplest things are often the best!​

That's why we are very proud to be able to offer you and your clientele unique pasticciotti that are produced by small Italian producers by hand in the traditional way with a lot of love.

As we are specialised in these products, you as a restaurant, bars, cafés, hotels or delicatessen company can trust in our professionalism and order these delicious delicacies from us.

Special conditions for resellers are available on request. The conditions for private customers can be found in our  SHOP .

Il Pasticciotto

Pasticciotti are a legendary sweet pastry from Lecce. It represents the symbol of the patisserie from the Salento region of southern Apulia. Behind the crispy and slightly crumbly shell hides a delicate creamy heart.

Pasticciotto literally means "little mixture." According to a legend, it was invented by a pastry chef when he gave the leftovers of a cake to a pedestrian. The pedestrian was so enthusiastic that he told the whole town about it. This is how the pasticciotti became famous.

The original recipe foresees a tartlet made of shortcrust pastry, filled with crema pasticcera and enriched with sour cherries. Divine! Of course there are other recipes with some other fillings.

The pasticciotti contain all the color and warmth of the sun of Puglia.


Il Rustico


The Rustico leccese, a very popular savory snack that is not only popular in Salento. "Il Rustico" stands for village, country, farm. Or simply just for something rustic from Lecce.

Il Rustico is made of a round puff pastry with a puff pastry layer, which gives its shape, and is filled with Béchamel, Mozzarella and tomato sauce. The size is around 10cm, is easily handled and therefore eaten by hand.

The Il Rustico should be eaten as warm as possible, so that its filling melts nicely when you bite into the delicacy.

brunch - Dolce Morgenstern

Es erwartet Dich ein reich gedeckter Tisch mit vielen Speisen und Gespräche. 

Verbringe einen gemütlichen Vormittag mit deinen Liebsten, wo man besten Kaffee, Cappuccino oder Aperitivo und herrliche italienische Salz- & Süssgebäcke bekommt.  

Bei uns wird das „Z’morge“ in lockere Atmosphäre zelebriert. 

Angefangen beim Prosecco, frischgepresster Orangensaft,  Kaffee oder Tee, Cornetto (Gipfeli), Pasticciotto, knuspriges Brot, Butterzopf mit Marmelade und Butter (Brotkorb). Eine Fleischplatte mit Käse, Trauben und Nüsse garniert dazu feine Rauchlachs-Crostini mit Frischkäse. Ein gesundes Birchermüesli, ein Spiegelei oder Rührei. Das Angebot wird am Tisch serviert. 

Brunch: à la carte

Verwöhnen Sie Ihre Familie oder Freund mit unseren Köstlichkeiten. 

Einmal in der Woche, meistens am letzten Sonntag, servieren wir einen BRUNCH

Datum des nächsten BRUNCH 4. Dezember 2022

Alles frisch und mit viel AMORE zubereitet. 

"Scusi, per la felecità? A 100 metri c‘è una pasticceria"


A classic pastry of Italian cuisine

An ideal selection of varied sweet finger food is offered with the Cocco, Mimosina and Fragola Mignon. Not only do the three different varieties of handmade pastry specialties offer tasteful variety, they also make a good visual impression as small bites. A sweet pastry that is appropriate for both small and big moments of enjoyment. Your guests will be fascinated.



The best gift between Christmas and New Years

Panettone and Pandoro are famous Italian Christmas cakes. Panettone is made of a soft bready paste which is studded with candied fruit. It is baked in a paper wrapper to create a dome-like structure.

Pandoro, while similar in its basic recipe, does not use candied fruit. The classic pandoro is made in an octagonal shape, like a star. Now, by cutting the pandoro horizontally, you get star-shaped pieces - a beautiful sight on any dining table.

Pasticciotto Crema
Pasticciotto Cioccolato
Pasticciotto Crema e Cioccolato
Pasticciotto al Pistacchio
Pasticciotto Crema al Limone
Pasticciotto Crema e Amarena


Dolce Morgenstern

Recently, Dolce Morgenstern introduces delicious Italian sweet and salty pastries and fancy desserts from Puglia from small producers by the young gastronomers Davide & Marco Caracuta, the sons of the Morgenstern host couple Mario and Manuela. During the production, we take great care of traditional recipes and the use of the finest possible ingredients. We are familiar with our producers and their stories, we have tested all their products and have chosen the absolute best for you. Gently defrosted, the delicacies impress with their fluffy and light consistency and their ideal sweetness. Thanks to their variety, our Italian delicacies will also impress you with full enjoyment.

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